Best Pool Safety Product

This past weekend we were able to go to my in-laws’ pool for the first time this summer. (Better late than never I say!)

I am big on trying to get Lily to learn how to swim, or at least teacher her how to save herself  in an emergency.

In addition to a Florida Fence (a sturdy fence that can be installed and un-installed easily) we wanted to find something that Lily could wear that would keep her above the water while trying to swim.

My mother-in-law found and bought this really cute product called a “Puddle Jumper” for Lily to use at their pool.

Cheesing for the Camera

The Jumper is comprised of three components, two armbands and a middle flotation device.

It works by having the toddler put their arms in the arm bands and place the center over the chest and snap in the back.

The great thing about the product is that it will automatically push the child on their back if they fall forward too much. This would prevent them from submerging their face in the water which could cause drowning.

Getting ready to test it out.

By supporting Lily underneath while she was laying on her belly, helped her learn how to kick her feet. Later when she masters the kicking she will be able to move her arms and swim.

In addition to the Puddle Jumper, Lily enjoyed spending time in the pool so much and had a blast being in the water with her family.

If you are interested in learning more about The Puddle Jumper or purchasing one you can go to (Disclosure: If you do use this link to purchase the Puddle Jumper or anything from Amazon I will receive a percentage of the sale.)


Having Fun in the Sun