Official “Mousekatots” cover. (Art created by Theme Park Press.)


A little over a year ago, while stuck in traffic, Kevin and I were listening to a Disney themed Podcast.

The guest on the show was talking about how they wrote a book about Disney through a company called Theme Park Press. I sat there, while getting frustrated with the traffic, and thought that I could do that. I could write a book about Walt Disney World.

I then decided to combine my two loves, Walt Disney World and my daughter, and contacted the publisher at Theme Park Press.

And now about a year later, the rest they say is history!

Now I am super excited to say that “Mousekatots,” your official guide on how to do your Walt Disney World vacation with minimal meltdowns, is officially on sale!

Available in both Kindle and paperback, “Mousekatots,” leads you through every step on planning a memorable Walt Disney World vacation with your toddler.

How to get groceries and diapers to your hotel without a car? We have you covered. What important trick will make getting your toddler dressed in the morning a flash? We have the answer! What do you do if your child gets separated in the parks? Read inside “Mousekatots!”

“Mousekatots” also has all the height information, breakdown of all the attractions and menus for all the restaurants in the park.

So, if you want to make your vacation smoother and really have the opportunity to have everything planned so you can relax and enjoy watching your little Mousekatot in the parks, then please consider picking up your copy of “Mousekatot” today.

Your support would be appreciated in helping me make our dreams come true!

Changes to Skipper Canteen

As many of you may know there have been some changes in the works for the Magic Kingdom’s newest table service restaurant, the Skipper Canteen located in Adventureland.

The first change is that ADRs are no able to be made up to 180 days out from your vacation. Previously, only walkups were available.

There have been some reports that the My Disney Experience App has been experiencing difficulty when it was used to make reservations for the restaurants. However, if you make the reservation online, through a web browser, the process goes a lot smoother. This is something I am sure Disney is working to resolve.

Also, a point of contention among some people is Disney wanting to change the menu to remove some of the more exotic items and providing people with more traditional fare.

The children’s menu has just started to undergo some changes including the addition of macaroni and cheese and chicken noodle soup.

A look the complete offerings of the Skipper Canteen can be found here.

The Skipper Canteen is themed to fit with the storyline of the Jungle Cruise attraction that is also located in Adventureland.  The canteen is supposed to be the place where the crew of the jungle cruise eat their meals. The same puns and corny jokes that are found at the attraction are also present at the restaurant,

Are you and your family interested in giving this restaurant a try? Leave your comments below.

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