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Twitter is great!

I had no idea that yesterday was National Book Lovers Day until I saw that it was trending on the social media site.

Even though I feel like I am a day late and a dollar short, I wanted to share what is on our Mousekatot Bookshelf in honor of yesterday.

We are a big book family. We really like to go to the bookstore and we visit the library about twice a week.

Recently, Lily has been all about the Gerald and Piggy books by Mo Williams. I have never heard her giggle so much!

Our library book selection for the week

I can’t tell you how much we love our local library. They have wonderful summer reading events and toddler story times. We would have spent so much money on books if it weren’t for our public library.

Another thing I like about our library is that I can share books with our Mousekatot that I loved reading as a child.

Tonight we read, “Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog” by Mo Williams and Lily really laughed a lot.

I try to sneak a little bit of reading time before bed (I usually only get a couple of pages in when I start to fall asleep.) But, my favorite thing to do is to have a cup of tea with a good book.

Here is what is on my reading list now.

Tea and Books



So far, “Pirate Latitudes” has been a little bit of a let down. I’m about five pages in and I have yet to really have any major interaction with pirates. (There will be pirates in your pirates book, right?”)

“Simple Abundance” is nice especially when I am having a rough day. It is meant to be read everyday, but that doesn’t always happen.

“A Discovery of Witches” has been a little bit of a slow burn.

I have been holding off reading “Welcome to Night Vale” because I want to make sure it doesn’t have any spoilers for the podcast since I am way behind in the episodes.

In honor of National Book Lover Day (yesterday) show your love of books buy purchasing a copy of “Mousekatots” available through Theme Park Press or

Have you read any good books lately? Leave it in the comments below.

Making Celebrations Magical

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

Celebrating your birthday, anniversary or special accomplishment at Walt Disney World is really special. You can take this celebration to the next level by including a little extra pixie dust magic.

Disney offers a wide variety of options to plus your celebration, including free buttons.

When you make your reservations, for either your hotel or dining reservations, you have a chance to indicate if you are celebrating anything. Let them know because you might receive a special surprise with your meals. Also, don’t forget to ask for your celebration button when you check in at your hotel.

Another way of providing something extra for a celebration is to purchase an in room celebration.

If you order an in room celebration your room will be decorated for you when you arrive.

There are a lot of different celebration options to choose from ranging from special holiday celebrations, to celebration specific, to age groups.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

Another way is to order a special cake to arrive at your meal.

There are a bunch of options that will suit everyone even including those with allergies or special diet restrictions.

For example, if you are looking for a gluten free or vegan cake, Erin McKenna bakery located in Disney Springs would be the place for you to go.

All other cakes can be ordered through Disney. However, make sure you let either bakery know which restaurant you are wanting to have your cake delivered to before you start the ordering process. Not all restaurants are owned by Disney and will not accept outside desserts.

While any celebration at Walt Disney World is memorable and magical, there are some additional ways to make it extra special.

Which way sounds the most appealing to you? Leave your comments below.

Tot Five: Best Character Meals at WDW

Character meals are the pinnacle of interaction with your Mousekatot’s favorite characters.

Instead of waiting in line, possibly for hours on end, the characters come to you while you are able to enjoy a delicious meal. They are also able to spend a little more time with your family, depending on how busy the restaurant is.

While there are a lot of character meal options, some are better than others. Some are overhyped and some are practically perfect in everyway.

Here are my Tot Five character meals at Walt Disney World.

1. Tusker House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Lily’s first ever character interaction.

In my opinion, Tusker House is a hidden gem when it comes to restaurants.

It is a buffet, which is great for the littlest of Mousekatots because if they are under three they are free, that offers a wide variety of food including exotic middle eastern and African delicacies.

Some buffet items for lunch and dinner include Kenyan Coffee BBQ Pork Loin, Peri-Peri Marinated Baked Salmon, Pearl Couscous with Sweet Basil, Spiced Vegetable Tofu, Toasted Couscous Salad, Corn Dog Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni & Cheese and more.

There is also a breakfast buffet that includes traditional breakfast items as well as Mickey waffles, Seasonal Vegetable Quiche, Coconut-Sweet Potato Casserole, Cheese Blintz and more.

Because of the nature of the food, this makes a wonderful option for families looking for vegan or vegetarian offerings.

But, the real gem is the opportunity to meet with the fab five (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy) in an usually un-crowded atmosphere.

The price range of the meals is between $15 to $34.99 and $35 to $59.99 per adult.

2. Askershus Royal Banquet Hall in EPCOT

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World.


The cat is out of the bag when it comes to Askershus Royal Banquet Hall in EPCOT.

For many years, people thought the place to go to see the very popular Disney princesses was at Cinderella’s Royal Table, where you practically need a Fairy Godmother to get a reservation. However, this little spot in the Norway pavilion offers your Mousekatot the opportunity to see their favorite princesses including Ariel, Snow White, Belle and more.

The breakfast buffet is the most popular meal here and it features scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potato casserole, salami, cheeses, roasted turkey and more.

Lunch and dinner can also be quite popular with their fare that includes popular Scandinavian dishes like Aquavit Laks (pan-seared salmon with roasted potato cake, pickled fennel slaw and aquavit cream sauce), Traditional Kjottake (Norwegian meatballs, served with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and lingonberry sauce. Sounds like Ikea!) and Fylt Pasta, house-made potato-cheese ad herb ravioli with wild mushrooms, leek cream sauce, tomato jam and balsamic-onion reduction.)

Prices range between $35 to $59.99 per adult.

3. The Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom

Lily and her pal Tigger

If your Mousekatot is a fan of Winnie the Pooh and pals The Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom is a must.

Situated in a beautiful glass conservatory at the end of Main Street U.S.A. is this delicious all you can eat buffet that features a lot of popular American fare.

In additional to traditional breakfast buffet items there is also a scrambled egg and omelet station, freshly baked pastries and assorted breakfast cereals.

Lunch and dinner feature a plethora of salads, spit-roasted meats, pastas and more.

For some reason, the price of this buffet  caused great distress for some patrons in the past. I have heard horror stories of security being called after people found out the price of the meal.

I however, don’t think that there is that much of a price difference between other buffets and character meals on property.


Prices range from $15 to $34.99 and $35 and $59.99 per adult.

4. 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

Breakfast character meals are a great way to start the day. They are also a little less expensive than the lunch and dinner options so it provides families with the opportunity to experience a character meal without breaking the bank.

The Supercalifragilistic Breakfast is really a treat at 1900 Park Fare because it features some characters that are more difficult to find at other character meals including Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and The Mad Hatter. (However, if you go during lunch or dinner you will be treated to Cinderella and her crew.)

The breakfast buffet includes Fresh Fruit, Smoked Salmon Lox, a Yogurt Bar, Made to Order Omelets and Eggs, Classic Eggs Benedict, Mickey Waffles, Sticky Cinnamon Buns and more.

The cost ranges from $15 to $34.99 per adult to $35 to $59.99.

5. ‘Ohana


Nestled in the Polynesia Village Resort is ‘Ohana, a restaurant that puts an emphasis on family.

While the lunch and dinner meals feature games, storytelling and a Hawaiian feast, breakfast is reserved for the Best Friends Breakfast featuring Lilo & Stitch.

While your Mousekatot has the opportunity to meet with everyone’s favorite blue alien and his best pal Lilo, you will be able to enjoy a family-style feast that includes Scrambled Eggs, Island-style Fried Potatoes, Hawaiian Pork Sausages and more.

Remember, if you want to meet with Lilo and Stitch, go to the breakfast.

The average cost for an adult is $15 to $34.99 and $35 and $59.99

Where is your favorite place to catch a bite with Disney celebrities? Leave your comments below.

Tot Five: Unique Accomadations for your Mousekatot

The wonderful thing about Walt Disney World is that around every corner there is magic. From the towel animals that are on the beds from mousekeeping to the fun buttons they give you to wear that show you are celebrating a special occasion.

The Walt Disney Company has even added an extra dose of pixie dust to offer unique lodging experiences that Mousekatots are sure to enjoy.

Today’s Tot Five will look at five of the most unique accommodations that the Walt Disney World Resort has to offer.

1. Royal Guest Rooms at Port Orleans Riverside

These rooms are fit for a princess. Every little detail, down to the carpet that resembles The Carpet from “Aladdin” has been thought about and included in the room.

The story is the room features mementos that Princess Tiana’s princess friends left behind.

The bathroom faucets are shaped like genie lamps from “Aladdin” and the bench resembles the dog that was turned into a footstool in “Beauty and the Beast.”

Scroll style artwork adorns the walls while plush red chairs look like they belong in the dining hall of a storybook. The linens look like they are made from rich dark blue tapestry that has fringe around the edges.

But, the most impressive and unique aspect are the headboards of the beds that feature a beautiful scene of the bayou complete with a sparkling fireworks light show and glittering lightening bugs in the foreground.

All the rooms are equipped with two queen beds and are unable to accommodate extra roll-away beds.

One of the major complaints that I have read is the location of these rooms to the food court and closest bus stop. According to, the walk takes about five to 10 minutes to each of these destinations depending how fast you walk.

There is an elevated cost for these particular rooms compared to the rest of the rooms at Riverside.

Photo courtesy of


2. Pirate themed rooms at Caribbean Beach Resort

For those who are more fans of pirates than princesses, special rooms located at the Caribbean Beach Resort offer people the chance to sleep in their very own pirate ship.

The rooms feature beds shaped like pirate ships complete with twin lanterns and a mast at the back of the bed, curtains with the Jolly Roger emblazoned on them, carpet made to look like wooden planks and chest of drawers that look like cargo crates.

A lot of people like the theming, but say it can be a little over the top if you are not into it. However, this theme sounds like it will be the perfect fit for your swashbuckling Mousekatot.

Just like with the Royal Guest Rooms, the pirate themed rooms are located rather far from Old Port Royale, which is the hub for food and other amenities.

These themed rooms also cost an additional fee to stay.

Photo courtesy of


3. Camping at Fort Wilderness

If you read my article yesterday all about the accommodations at Fort Wilderness, then you will know all about the various camping options including bringing your own RV, staying in one of Disney’s cabins or pitching your own tent.

The opportunity to experience wildlife, sleep under the stars and share stories around a campfire might be the perfect place for your Mousekatot to log some sweet dreams.

It would definitely be a unique experience for the entire family.

Photo courtesy of

4. The Treehouses at Saratoga Springs Resort


What Mouekatot wouldn’t love to sleep in a treehouse?

Luckily, the Walt Disney Resort has created 60, three bedroom treehouses in the wooded area of the resort and are surrounded by the Lake Buena Vista Golf Course and a water way that flows into the Village Lake.

Each of the treehouses can sleep nine people and run about $130 to $230 more per night compared to similar two-bedroom villas. However, each villa comes with it’s own deck, charcoal grill and share a small pool and spa for just the treehouses. There are also two bus stops that service the treehouses.


Photo courtesy of

5. The Bungalows at Polynesian Resort Village


If you have about $2,000 per night to spend on a hotel room, then you might want to consider staying at one of the breathtaking bungalows at the Polynesian Resort Village.

There are 20 of these Bora Bora Bungalows that have two bedrooms and can sleep about eight people with about 1650 square feet and an additional 300 square foot deck that offers views of the Magic Kingdom.

These bungalows might be the most expensive places to stay on property, but they may also be the most beautiful and unique.

Photo courtesy of


Which one of these unique accommodations do you think your Mousekatot would like best? Leave your comments below.