Going to the ‘Ground

What the heck is going on with this weather? I am not going to complain, but this weather is so beautiful we had to take advantage of it. For a little one, there is no better place to spend a wonderful sunny day then the playground. And luckily for us, we live near an amazing one.

Round Hill Farm, that is located only a little way away from us, features an exhibit farm, picnic pavilion, a splash area and a wonderful playground.

We spent so much time running all over the place and enjoying our favorite thing at any playground, the swings.

She also had so much fun running all over the jungle gym and exploring all of the nooks and crannies. It took us sometime to get comfortable to go down the slide, but we did and we proud of our self. We even made a friend at the playground!


I am so proud of this little bug to meet her fear of going down the slide and for also showing kindness at the playground and making a friend.

What is your little one’s favorite thing to do at the playground? Leave your comments below.

Bonus Days

Living in southwestern Pennsylvania means that the middle of February is usually cold, windy and snowy.

This past weekend, and continuing through this week we have had wonderful weather that included temperatures in the 60s and sunshine.

We wanted to take advantage of this beautiful weather and decided to head to the playgrounds.

On Saturday we went to Morgantown to do some antique shopping and to visit some retro game stores. (We have become obsessed with playing old Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games. That is a story for another day.)

While we didn’t find any antique stores, we did have fun exploring Seneca Center (where the tea room is located) and we found some interesting murals and one particular antique of our own.

We did a little shopping and sight seeing and decided to take Lily to the playground and let her burn off some energy and enjoy this bonus day of beautiful weather in the middle of February.

We were so tired after a big day of playing that we slept all the way home.


On Monday, we decided to take her to a local school’s playground to let her enjoy the fresh air since we both were off from work.

Did you have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful weather this past weekend? Leave your comments below.