How We Spent our Weekend

I apologize for not having a blog on Monday. We were spending a lot of time together as a family that there just wasn’t enough time to post yesterday.

This also lead to a great point. While we all love Disney, our lives also have other aspects.

So here is a look at ours.


Friday was a pretty fun day for us. After work we went out to eat with my parents and Lily had her first ever ice cream cone. (I know. What kind of parents are we to wait this long for our child to have an ice cream cone?) She picked out her own flavor, rainbow, and loved it.

Lily Ice Cream
It was a little messy, but really worth it.


Saturday was a really busy day. I was invited to two bridal showers and I unfortunately had to make a choice. While I was at the one shower, Lily and Kev were spending some daddy daughter time.

She met Geoffery giraffe and had her picture taken, visited the bookstore and was spoiled by her daddy.

Lily and Geoff.png
Lily and Geoffery hanging out.


This was such a fun day for us. A little known fact about me is that I hate bugs. But, this summer I am making the effort to try and get outside more and embrace nature since our Lily loves the great outdoors.

So, this summer we are going to attempt camping. But, just like in the movie “What About Bob” we are taking baby steps and had our first camping experience indoors.

We bought a six-person tent and new air mattress at Walmart and spent Sunday night camping out in our living room.

I do have to say that our tent, Ozark Trail brand, was super nice and easy to put up.

Kev and tent.png
Tent construction
Daddy lily and tent.png
We loved the tent and referred to it as “our house.” It was so big we couldn’t get the entire thing open.

Even though we didn’t sleep outside, we did go out to our fire pit to make s’mores and burn off some extra energy before we settled down for the night.

Our fire pit going strong.



Monday was the day that we had our cookout and spent even more time outside.

After our camp-in, which went surprisingly well and we got a pretty nice night’s sleep, we went up to the mountains for some of the best pancakes. Then we decided to take a walk around Ohiopyle to see the waterfall and the new visitor center.


After our time exploring the mountains, we came home and put out our inflatable pool together and spent a long time splashing around until we got so tired it was time to come in take our nap. We finished the day with a small cookout and playing with our toys including our trains.

We had such a wonderful time over the weekend, and I am sad to see it come to an end. Today, we both went back to work and our regular schedule is put back into action. But, it is nice to know that we have the rest of the summer ahead of us to explore and have many fun adventures.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Leave your message in the comments below.