New Norway Attraction Receives a Not so Frozen reception

More than a five hour wait time, attraction malfunctions and several ice cream bars later and the new Frozen Ever After attraction at Epcot’s Norway pavilion is now officially open.

On Oct. 5, 2014 the last viking boarded the final cruise of the popular Epcot attraction Malestrom. Many people were upset about this iconic attraction being discontinued and one of Disney’s most popular franchises, “Frozen,” taking its place.

Almost, two years later and those who were doubting the longevity of the updated attraction featuring Anna, Elsa, Olaf and the gang might find themselves eating a slice of frozen humble pie.

Yesterday, when the attraction first opened to the crowds, it featured extensive lines, even for those with fast passes. The standby line even reached up to five hours.

Photo courtesy of Attractions Magazine.

Part of the issue also arose due to the fact that the attraction was experiencing several difficulties that was resulting in the delay of people boarding the attraction and having the line advance.

However, in true Disney fashion, they had prepared by having displays of free water located by the long line and handed out complementary Mickey Bars and ice cream sandwiches several times to those waiting in the long lines.

Despite the extremely long wait time and the issues with the attraction, fan photos from Frozen Ever After look amazing and the videos have been giving me chills.(Especially the scene with Elsa singing “Let it Go.”)

The animatronics look like they are next level and are so smooth and expressive. (As long as they don’t turn out like the Yeti from Expedition Everest.)

It also looks like Frozen Fever will be going strong because Disney has announced new original stories from the “Frozen” franchise including a novel, “Journey to the Lights” scheduled to hit bookshelves July 5. Even the Lego Group is going to release four animated shorts that turn the characters into the popular Lego, stylized look.

Photo courtesy of Oh My Disney.


For a complete POV ride through video of the attraction, go to the Mousekatot’s Facebook page.

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Photo courtesy of Orlando Sentinel