My Expensive Obession


If you have visited before, thank you for coming back, or if you have read the bio in the back of “Mousekatots,” available through Theme Park Press, you will know that other than my family and Disney, other obsessions include “Murder She Wrote” and vintage camping trailers.

Another obsession that I really don’t talk about that often, but I am sure many can identify with is, HGTV (AKA Home and Garden TV AKA the shrine to Chip and Joanna Gaines.)

If the television is on it is most likely tuned to channel 229, (on Direct TV) HGTV. Even if I am watching something on the DVR, it is still on channel 229.

If they monitor what we watch at the satellite company or Nelson ratings, they must think that I flip houses constantly. (One can dream, right?)

But, this is where things can get dangerous/expensive.

I am convinced that the right “fixer upper” is out there for our family and I just need to find it.

We are steadily out growing (truth be told have outgrown) our starter house. What was the perfect size for two adults and two cats now feels like one of those PODS you can get to store all your extra junk, thanks to the toddler.

I am convinced that I can find this perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood that just needs a little TLC.

While you are thinking, “Tara, that doesn’t sound too crazy. That seems like a frugal and sensible way of getting a bigger home for maybe less money.”

Well, in here lies the problem: I am convinced I can do all the remodeling myself.

“Gee. This house would be great if it had an open floor plan from the kitchen to the family room. No problem! I can just knock down this wall, I’m sure it isn’t load bearing.”

“Hmmmmm….I wonder if this carpeting has the original hardwood underneath of it. No matter, I will just rip it up with my bare hands and find out. If it is there, I alone, can refinish it because I know all about that thanks to ‘Flip or Flop.'”

I also think every kitchen needs a farmhouse sink, some room must have a reclaimed wood feature and I am obsessively looking up the comps of the neighborhood.

Every time I tell my poor family, “This is it. I am done looking, I will just wait awhile and take a break.” I am turning around sending a link to a new house or bugging my poor husband with links over Facebook messenger with “this is THE house.”

Usually, things end up falling apart, but someday I swear that I will eventually have my dream home, even if I have to build it myself!

Just call me “Handy Manny!”

PS: For a laugh, check out Awful People on House Hunters.