Life Gets in the Way

Things have been very busy recently, which has caused some radio silence on Mousekatots. Both of our jobs have been requiring some extra work so I have been too tired at the end of the day to do much of anything except to try to prop my eyes open to watch some TV.

But, last weekend we had a lot of fun going shopping and Lily was able to use her chore money to buy an Ariel doll that she had been eyeing up at the Disney Store. She was so proud!

Then, yesterday evening it was my mom’s birthday so we had a wonderful celebration full of dinner, cake and presents.

Here are some photos from our fun weekend and birthday:


Since I have Fridays off it is usually spent at either the Library or doing things around the house. Since this past Friday was pretty rainy and gloomy we stayed home and put our hair in curlers, made “dino chips” and counted our coins to see if we had enough money to buy our Ariel doll.



On Saturday we went to our favorite restaurant for breakfast, did shopping at the mall, including get Lily her Ariel doll and having fun in the Disney Store, tried a new Mediterranean restaurant and watched “Sing.”



Like I said earlier, Wednesday was my Mom’s birthday and we celebrated by going out for dinner, having cake and opening presents. Everyone had fun, but I think Lily enjoyed herself the most.

Did you have a fun weekend or exciting week so far? Leave your comments below.



Black Friday Battle Plan: Disney Store

After the turkey is all finished and the last bite of stuffing has been stuffed, people all over the United States will head to bed with visions of bargain deals dancing in their heads.

Before the sun is even up, people will be piling into cars and heading for the malls and big box stores to get their best deals on gifts for loved ones.

One of the biggest categories of gifts that people like to score are toys. (The cost can really add up when you go to purchase toys.)

Just like all other businesses, the Disney Store is going to have its fair share of deals.

Since we are Mousekatots and are pretty obsessed with Disney, I thought I would share some of the deals you want to snag this Black Friday at the Disney Store or

The first deal that Disney is offering is 60 percent off when you take an extra 20 percent off your purchase. You need to use the code THANKS.

If your Mousekatot is a fan of “Finding Dory,” who isn’t, then there are few deals you might want to snag.


While you might regret this purchase in the future, this Deluxe Singing Elsa Doll stands at 16″ and sings, you guessed it, “Let It Go” while her dress, hands and ice swirls light up in cool blue. Elsa retails for $49.95 but is on sale for $29.95.



Disney Store elsa.jpg
Photo courtesy of

In our house small, plastic figures are a big hit. We love to play with them on their own or use blocks to build them houses, castles, garages and anything else we can think of. This Disney Princess Mega Figure Play Set, originally $49.95 now $39.95, might not seem like that big of a savings, but it is a really nice set with a variety of figures.


Disney store figures.jpg
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Every year we all exchange ornaments with each other. This Black Friday, the Disney Store, is having a sale on a lot, if not all, Sketchbook Ornaments. Some of the characters featured include Ariel, Peter Pan, Stitch, Doc McStuffins and more. My favorite one would be Princess Elena of Avalor. Regularly $16.95 they will be on sale for $10.


Disney Store Elania Ornament.jpg
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Once again “Frozen” has made my list. Bath time is another time that is a hit at our house. This is why I really like this Frozen Bath Toy Set. While these toys are made primarily for use in a bath, they can also be played elsewhere and are great for the littlest of ones who want to put everything in their mouth. Bonus: they can be cleaned easily. Double bonus: Marshmallow is included in the set. Regularly $16.95 for $10.


Photo courtesy of

Die-cast cars can really be pricey. Not only are they toys, but they can also be collectables that can be passed down from generation to generation. On Black Friday the Disney Store will offer a 15 die-cast, car set in the Piston Cup Die Cast Deluxe Gift Set. Originally $99.95 on sale for $79.95. This does have a hefty price tag, but considering what is included it might be worth it for your little “Cars” fan.


Disney store cars.jpg
Photo courtesy of the Disney Store

While you are doing shopping for everyone else, you might want to treat yourself to something special. The Haunted Mansion Nylon Crossbody Bag by Dooney &Bourke. Usually $188 it is down to $80.24. This is 57 percent off. This is a good deal.


Disney dooney.jpg
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These are only a few of the deals that the Disney Store will have on Black Friday. What is your favorite deal? Leave your comments below.











The Peacemaker

All parents have experienced the dreaded firing squad of questions. I think in the span of about three minutes I have answered the gamut of questions from why did I decide to wear my purple shirt to why does the sun have to go away at the end of the day?

Sometimes when this happens, and I am really desperate, I reach for a distraction.

One of the best things I have found that is a fan for Lily and a fan for us parents are Disney’s Tsum Tsums.

Photo courtesy of
Tsum Tsums resemble little, squishy sushi rolls that resemble favorite Disney characters,

There are two varieties of Tsum Tsum, fabric and vinyl.

Soft sided ones come in a variety of sizes. From ones that fit into the palm of your hand to ones the size of pillows.

The vinyls can come in a clear pack or individual blind bags, where you purchase a bag sight unseen and it is a surprise what you will end up with. While the surprise aspect makes it exciting, it can also make your tot very upset if they get something that they already have. In our family, when we get a dup we say it is their twin!

The little Tsum Tsums are great to play with in sandboxes, water or the cloud dough that I talked about in yesterday’s blog.

Photo courtesy of
But, please be careful. These are not recommended for children under 3 because there are small parts.

But, if you think Tsum Tsums are just for the little Mousekatots, you are wrong.

There is an addictive game available in the iPhone and Android stores. It is free and you can spend a long time trying to connect a string of Tsum Tsums in order to make them disappear and earn points. (I may also have a Dumbo Tsum Tsum mug.)



Yes the Tsum Tsums are adorable, but more importantly they are inexpensive and serve as a great distraction when things go south. I will sometimes pick up a bag at the store and hold on to it. If Lily is caught being really good, or it is just one of those days where hiding in the bathroom for five minutes seems like a vacation, these little guys can be a huge peacemaker.

You can find them at Walmart, Target and Toys R Us. There are probably other places that sell them as well, but this is where I have purchased our collection from.

What are some tips that you have for dealing with a challenging toddler day? Leave your comments below.

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