We Have a Three Year Old



It is so hard to believe that our little Mousekatot is already three years old. Time has flown by too quick.

We had a birthday party for her earlier in the month, which I will do a blog post about later, but on her actual birthday we wanted to do something special to commemorate the day.

We started off the day having breakfast at her favorite local restaurant.

The servers were very nice and even came out and sang to her and gave her a special dessert.

We then went to the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum because Lily wanted to go back to the Daniel Tiger exhibit.

In addition to visiting with Daniel Tiger, Lily also played with various types of balls in the garage area of the museum and tested out different cars that she created and even made a track where she raced Matchbox cars.

We also took Lily to Build-A-Bear so she could make a new stuffed friend. She choose to make Ruble from Paw Patrol. (Also, the clothes for the bears also fit Duffy the Disney bear.)

We ended the day by having dinner at one of her favorite restaurants that is a local Tex-Mex chain.

I am so glad and thankful that we were able to celebrate the day with Lily.