Return to The ‘Wild

This past weekend we had another wonderful time a Idlewild Park, located in Ligoner, Pennsylvania.

The main reason why we were at the park was to celebrate my husband’s birthday. (And as a true lady, I won’t disclose his age.)

The loves of my life.

We had so much fun. Lily has become a big rider this year and loves going on different rides including a balloon ride that you race around, the carousel and even her very first roller coaster.

Our first roller coaster! Front car and everything!

However, her favorite remains Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood where you ride Trolley into the Neighborhood of Makebelieve. (I don’t have any photos from that attraction because I was enjoying Lily.)

She also loved all the attractions in Raccoon Lagoon, which is the kiddie area of the park.

We didn’t visit Storybook Forest too much this time because we had decided to let Lily go on more rides first and we ran out of time.

However, we wanted to stop back and see the new castle that was build in the area since it was still under construction when we were there last.

This the castle was open and it was very nice. (For those Mousekatot families you will notice some theming that might look familiar.)

Inside of the castle walls there is a small giftshop, of course, an animated family featuring Duke the Dragon, another mascot for the park, a sword in the stone that operates the fountain, a throne and a place for Princess Lily themed tea parties.

For $14.95 your little one can have a tea party with Princess Lily and receive a keepsake lunchbox as part of the deal. There is no charge for parents to just watch.

If we would have known about this earlier we might have signed up Lily, but it is something good to know for the future.


Here is a video of our day. Let me know if you are interested in seeing our adventures in video.

Also, our Mousekatot giveaway is still taking place until this weekend. If you haven’t entered you can go here a Rafflecopter giveaway