Eclipsing Hope

Photo courtesy of Pix Geek

Unexpected changes that seem to blot out the light can be scary or they can be a thrilling adventure.

For example, today the cosmos will host a unique event, a total solar eclipse (cue the Bonnie Tyler music).

While we will only see an 80 percent eclipse where we live, we will still be able to experience the event.

Leading up to the eclipse, I have been reading about a lot of people traveling to different destinations to find the optimum viewing location, it made me do some thinking.

A few weeks ago, about a month actually, I had shared that I had lost my job as a newspaper reporter after the paper I was working for was purchased by another company.

When this happened, I went through all the emotions of grief (anger, sadness, loss of hope, etc.). Here I was suddenly flung into an unknown situation against my will.

So for a few weeks I felt like I was in the eclipse part of this situation.

However, for the past few weeks I feel like I have transitioned to the other side of the eclipse.

I have realized how blessed I am to have the opportunity to follow my dreams of being a children’s book author and eventually middle grade novelist as well as continue my love of being a blogger.

I think that sometimes it becomes difficult to trust when things happen that it is actually a gift. We can’t see because the sun is being blocked out. But, once things seem to get back to normal or, for most of us, the new normal, the hope returns and we can then again see the silver lining of life’s situation.

Have you experienced any difficult life situations that have made you better for it? Leave your comments below.

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