Kind of a Gloomy Weekend

Did you ever have one of those weekends that is just too wet and gloomy that you just feel like staying close to home?

That was what our weekend was like just a few days ago.

We were spoiled with the beautiful weather on Friday (almost 80 and sunny) that when the temperatures took a nosedive and the clouds rolled in, it was so depressing.

So we decided to run a few errands close to home and then spend time inside pretending the temperatures weren’t so cold.

We started Saturday morning at one of our new favorite places to have breakfast, Maywood Grill. The food is wonderful, homegrown taste, and ginormous portions!


This is seriously one pancake. It his huge!

The kid’s pancakes are so big that we often end up taking two of them home with us to heat up later in the week. (Side note: the best way to re heat the pancakes is to take one out of the freezer, soak a paper towel, ring it out and put it over the pancake. Heat on high for 10 seconds, and flip over and cover. Keep doing this until it reaches the wanted temperature.)

(Lily is such a ham!)

We then went to one of my happy places, when I’m not in Disney, Hobby Lobby.

Ounce again I had this brilliant idea that I should make Lily a dress. This time an Easter dress.

I wanted to choose something that had a vintage flair and I narrowed it down to six patterns at Hobby Lobby.



I will do another blog post about which pattern I ended up buying, but that is another story for another day.

After there, we went on a search for a new lamp. Our lamp in our bedroom would only work if you had the knob between on and off. (Nope. This wasn’t a fire hazard or anything.)

We ended up going to Lowe’s (or LuLu as Lily calls it) and found our lamp. But, we couldn’t leave the store until Lily sat on a lawnmower. (Don’t worry. Kevin was there with her the whole time.)


Also this weekend, Lily feel in love with these little toys called “Num Noms.” They are these little plastic toys that can light up, and smell like yummy treats. Their outsides are also inter changable.


They are kind of cute, and Lily enjoys arranging them and putting them in fashion shows and weddings.

How did you spend your weekend? Leave something in the comments below?


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