Back to our regularly scheduled blog


Things have been quiet here at Mousekatots for a little bit.

The reason for that is because we all got hit pretty hard with the stomach flu.

I was the first lucky recipient.

We tried so hard to keep it from spreading including using gloves, sanitizing wipes and just keeping our distance.

Then a few days later our little Mousekatot got bit with the stomach bug next.

If you are a parent, then you know how difficult it is to watch your child be sick. Our poor little bug didn’t know what was happening and was so scared and crying. It was the first time that she experienced this.

The best we did was try and keep her hydrated as much as possible and give lots of cuddles.

The hubby was next, he was a real trooper, and I am proud to say that we made it.

So I apologize for the delay in content. But, everything should be up and back to normal tomorrow.


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