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Digital photography is wonderful.

No longer do you have to spend money on film and be limited by how many photos you can take. You also don’t have to wait to see what your photos look like.

Digital photography is also great because it also allows you to give your kiddo a camera and let them go to town to see what they capture.

One of the best ways to do this is just by giving them a smartphone and turn on the camera and see what they might capture.

We do this occasionally with our iPhones when we go to a restaurant and just let Lily go and see what she captures. So far, we have been pretty surprised at what she has captured.

Lily took this photo of my coffee at breakfast yesterday. I put the inkwell filter on it, but she still did a pretty good job.

Camera phones are also good because they are pretty user friendly.

If you want to start your Mousekatot out on an actual camera you might want to check into a children’s camera.

Christmas 2015 Lily received this camera as a Christmas gift and she has enjoyed using it to take photos around the house.

You have the ability to upload the photos on to your computer, which is a nice feature.

If you want a few ideas on how to turn using a camera into a learning experience you will want to check out Click it Up a Notch’s entry about activities that kids can do when it comes to photography.

Another great idea is to create an online place where you kid can display their photos. This way you can share it with your friends and family and give your little shutter bug a place to display his or her photos.

You can create an account easily through Tumblr, or you can open a flickr account.

If you would like to check out more of Lily’s photos make sure to check out the link.

Do you encourage your little ones to try photography? Leave your comments below.

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