Buying Real Furniture Was Easier

If you read my earlier blog then you know that Santa got a little lazy this year and delivered a dollhouse that needs to be assembled (meaning painted and glued together).

I thought the hardest part would be trying to put everything together. Boy, was I wrong.

Surprisingly, the most difficult part has been trying to find furniture.

Sure, there are tons of options out there. There are some dollhouse kitchens that are nicer then mine:

Kitchen available through VintageModernGrrl on
Unfortunately, for this complete kitchen it is $90. That is a little bit out of budget for this Santa.

I was also looking to try and do a mid century modern style because I thought it would look cute with the house that I was building, and frankly I am obsessed with that style right now.

I found a cute company called Smaland and they make a special dollhouse, that is designed like a mid centuary modern house, but you can also buy the furnature that will work in a lot of different houses.

Once again their stuff is a little on the pricey side for a dollhouse for a three year old, but I did end up getting this really cute living room set.

smaland livingroom.jpg
Photo courtesy of
Since it was on sale I was able to buy it for around $20 which was a pretty good deal.

I spent I can’t tell you how many hours trying to find more stuff like this and I couldn’t find it.

The hardest to find was the kitchen.

Luckily my mom, who is a super Internet sleuth, found a really cute kitchen, in the proper size on from Melissa and Doug.

Photo courtesy of
It is really cute and has an old school look to it. The green will look great with my honey colored wallpaper.

Walmart also had it on sale for $19.94 and I qualified for free shipping because I ended up spending more than $50 when I also purchase the furniture for the bedroom and bathroom.


While the bedroom and bathroom aren’t necessarily the style I was looking for, I think with a little modernizing it will work. 

All in all it has been a success. They are going to arrive at the house Friday so they will be here in time for Christmas. 

Did you have any hard to find or hard to decide on items this holiday season? Leave your comments below. 

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