Get away from the crowds in style

The Walt Disney World Resort is known for offering their guests the best experience as possible.

High end dinners, luxurious spas and the commitment to provide the best experience as possible are some of the things that sets Disney apart from the competition.

Recently, the resort announced they will offer guests the option to rent a family  cabana in the Tomorrowland section of the Magic Kingdom.

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These four cabanas, that look like mini reception tents, have accommodations for about eight adults.

Inside, the cabana is equipped with a storage locker, couches and a charging section for electronics.

In addition to the furniture and charging station, the cabana also has personalized Mickey ears, beverages, snacks and one ice cream delivery. You can also order additional snacks, for another charge, and you are guaranteed primo seating for the fireworks.

But, like Rumple says on “Once Upon a Time,” “All magic comes with a price, Dearie!”

To rent one of four of these cabanas in Tomorrowland it costs about $649 per day.

Do you think it is worth the hefty price tag for this high-end home away from home for the day? Maybe this video by Attractions Magazine will help you decide.

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