Santa Got a Little Lazy

Since we have started discussing the future of building our house, Lily has been saying that she doesn’t want to move out of our little house. I get this. I hate change more than anything.

So, we thought that it would be a good idea for her to ask Santa for a dollhouse that would look like ours. This way she can take her little home with her.

Santa heard the request and delivered a kit to our house and basically said that we have to put it all together because the elves have a lot on their plate this year.

The kit that arrived was this one: the Greenleaf 8012


We received the kit via Elf mail this week and I wasn’t sure what to expect. What arrived was a little bit of a surprise. It was a completely flat box. I knew I would have to build a lot of it, but I didn’t know I would have to glue on each individual shingle.

When I opened the box and looked at the instructions, which dated back to the early 90s, they had mentioned that you need to put a sort of primer first and then paint the house.

I hate to say this, but ain’t nobody got time for that. I am just going to put the paint on and hope for the best.

The second roadblock is that I wasn’t sure what type of paint to use. There are so many different types! Some people suggest using actual house paint that you can pick up from hardware stores and others say a good acrylic paint that you can find at craft stores works as well.

Since our house is a light yellowish color with white trim, I think that I am going to go with the acrylic paint.

A lot of people swear by a brand called Folkart. I saw some at Michael’s that didn’t seem too expensive.

Another aspect that I didn’t think about was electricity. I saw a bunch of houses on YouTube with lights and it really made a difference so I think I am going to add them through a kit that is available at Hobby Lobby.

My plan is to update the blog through my process. You will also want to look at the Facebook page to see live video updates and additional photos of our holiday festivitites.

Are you planning any DIY projects for your family this year? Leave your comments below.


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