Mom & Dad Spotlight: AbracadaBar

While Mousekatots is usually about enjoying Walt Disney World as a family, it is also nice if Mom and Dad can sneak away for a few minutes for a nice date night to enjoy the resort’s nighttime offerings.

While Disney Springs is a great place where you can go to a bunch of different lounges and restaurants in one night and try your hand at bowling or go to a movie, the various resorts at Disney also offer unique wateringholes.

During our last vacation to Walt Disney World, we stayed at the Beach Club Resort for the first time (this turned out to be my favorite resort, ever).

Being so close to the Boardwalk, we walked over to the resort one night to check out the AbracadaBar.

Abra 2.JPG

Just like with all Disney restaurants and night spots, AbracadaBar has an interesting “story.”

This place was the former hangout of magicians, illusionists and their assistants. After every show they would gather together to share laughs, tricks and friendship until the early hours of the night.

No one knows what happened, but one night the magical hotspot just disppaeared, along with everyone in it.

Recently, the hot spot has been rediscovered and has been opened to the public.

The mystery behind the AbracadaBar

The lounge is decorated just like how the magicians would have left it complete with their posters, some tricks on the wall and beautiful lighting and wallpaper.

The menu is small, to be expected, but it has a bunch of different drinks.

Abara 1.JPG
Side-by-side menu

After looking over everything I opted for The Conjurita, “a colorful margarita that never reveals it’s secrets! Gran Centenario Plata Tequila, Cointreau, Simple Syrup and Lime Juice. (It even comes with a magic trick!)

Here is a live review of what I thought of the drink. (Please excuse how dark the video is. It was very dark inside the lounge.)

Kevin ordered the Elixir, the same drink the magicians were drinking when they disappeared. “The mysterious cocktail that may have made a room of magicians vanish into thin air … Lucid Absinthe and Water.” Yep, you heard that right, absinthe, the green fairy.

While today’s absinth doesn’t have wormwood like the kind that was drunk by bohemium poets, it still packs a bit of a punch.

Here is Kev’s review.

If you have the opportunity to checkout AbracadaBar, I highly recommend it. The drinks were great, and strong, and it is such a fun atmosphere.

Will this lounge be on your radar next Walt Disney World visit? Leave your response in the comments below.


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