Tot Five: A Cure for the Vacation Hangover

When you are finished with your vacation, one of the hardest things you have to deal with what I call the “vacation hangover.” Your heart is still in the vacation destination that you left, but you are now at home and reality has hit.

Work around the house, errands and work outside of the house, remind us why we went on vacation in the first place.

Here are my Tot Five ways you can get over your vacation hangover and back into everyday life.

1. Look back on your vacation photos or movies


By looking at your vacation photos and any video that you might have taken, can help you recall all the little moments that made your vacation so special.

Seeing photos of your little Mousekatot giggling on Dumbo or eating a Mickey Ice Cream bar for the first time will help ease you back into reality.

2. Watch your favorite Disney film


Photo courtesy of Doctor Disney


Watching your favorite Disney movie is like almost being back in Walt Disney World.

Since many of the parks take their cues from the films you can always feel like you are back in your favorite movie flying on the Magic Carpets with Aladdin, eating in the Beast’s castle or in Pooh’s honeypot going through the pages of his book.

3. Cook your favorite Disney recipe


Photo courtesy of Disney Parks


One of my favorite things about our Disney vacations is all of the delicious food that is available at the plethora of restaurants.

By going online and doing a search for Disney’s recipes, you can find all sorts of options available.

People in the Disney community are always anxious to share any recipes that they might pick up from the various Disney chefs in the resort.

Also, if you have any Disney cookbooks from either Food and Wine Festival or other special events, you can create some delicious meals that will bring back delicious memories.

4. Scrapbook

Wiether you decided to do traditional paper scrapbooking or digital scrapbooking, it can be a wonderful way to relive those memories.

Adding quotes or writing out a memory that corresponds to the photo, can help you relive the magical moments of your vacation.

5. Plan for your next vacation

This is my personal favorite.

It doesn’t matter if you plan on going on your next vacation next year, five years from now, or you don’t have any idea, you can still plan and play by picturing your dream vacation.

Pick out everything from your hotel, to the restaurants you want to eat and even pick your Fastpasses+.

Since you are just pretending, go crazy and plan your dream vacation.

Do you have any tips of how you avoid the dreaded vacation hangover? Leave your comments below.




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