Putting the “ah” in spa for kids and teens



Photo courtesy of livinginagrownupworld.blogspot.com


While the focus of Mousekatots is primarily for the littlest of travelers, it is also important that your other children, who are older, are not forgotten and made to feel special while on vacation.

Let’s face it, toddlers require a lot of attention and older siblings might feel like they are having their vacation driven by a Mousekatot.

Luckily, there are some ways to make the vacation special for the older sibling, like booking them a spa treatment away from the whining, yelling and meltdowns of a toddler. (You can make it extra special by having some Mommy and Me time, and even Daddy and me time, too.)

While a lot of the spas cater to mostly adults, there are a few hidden gems for teens and kids.

Mandara Spa (Dolphin Hotel)

  • Teen Spa
    • Heavenly Massage: 25 min-$75
    • Mother and Daughter Paradise Massage: 25 min-$165 and 50 min-$220 (priced for 2)
    • Father and Son Chill Out Massage: 25 min-$165 and 50 min-$220 (priced for 2)
    • Fabulous Fruity Facial: 50 min-$110
    • Acne Attack Facial: 50 min–$100
    • Magical Manicure: 25 min-$30
    • Soul Mate Pedicure: 45 min-$50

Senses (Grand Floridian Resort or Saratoga Springs Resort)

  • Prince or Princess Pedicure: 25 min-$50 (ages 4-12, with a parent or guardian present at all times.)
  • Magical Manicure: 25 min-$35 (ages 4-12, with a parent or guardian present at all times.)
  • Balanced-Teen Facial: 50 min-$135

Do any of these services sounds like something your kiddo or teen would love to do? Leave your comments below.


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