The Not So Labor Weekend

It is hard to believe that summer has unofficially ended with the arrival of Labor Day. The warm and hot days of sun and fun just flew by. It isn’t that I am sad for fall to arrive because I love the season, I am just worried about what comes after fall.

This past weekend was amazing because we had a little bit of down time and some adventure thrown in.

Friday after work we did a little shopping with my parents and went out to eat at Red Robin. (Fun fact: Did you know that if you get a salad as a side that it is bottomless just like the fries! I had no idea.)

Saturday morning we went to look at a possible house that we might be interested in buying. (Nothing may come of it, but you never know.) We also relaxed, ordered our groceries from Walmart and then had a nice date night in after our Mousekatot went to bed. We watched “Love & Friendship” and was really funny and a great movie for people who love “Pride and Prejudice” and Jane Austen.

We also decorated our house for fall/Halloween. No one was more excited than the Mousekatot.

Sunday was our “Adventure Day” this week and we went to the Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Fair.


Our little Tinkerbell at the Ren Fair.
We had a really good time watching the different events like the joust and watched  a juggler who ate fire, juggled knives and jumped rope on a big ball.

After having watched a few of the events, we decided to do a little shopping at the mall; Tinkerbell costume and all!


Monday afternoon we bid farewell to summer with a final swim at my husband’s parent’s pool. Our little mermaid has grown so much in  her swimming ability over the summer, we are so proud of her. She is taking to the water just like a little fish.


We had a wonderful weekend spending time together as a family. We are always very sad about the weekend being over, but we look forward to the next week’s adventures.

How did you celebrate the holiday weekend:? Leave your comments below.

PS: This was my favorite photo from the weekend:










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