Walmart Just Made My Life Easier

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this review. All thoughts are my own.

I really hate grocery shopping. Like HATE it. When we go grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s I don’t mind it as much, but it isn’t one of my favorite activities.

But, this changed thanks to a new service available through Walmart that is currently in the testing stages available only at select Walmarts in the country. Luckily for me, our local store is part of the testing phase.

Our local Walmart is currently offering a service where you can go online, order and pay for your groceries and then have them delivered to your car, all without having to set one foot into the store or even leave your car.

This is perfect if your Mousekatot has meltdowns in the store, if you don’t feel like dragging them into the store or if it is bad weather outside.

You start off by going to to see if you have a participating store. If there is one, then you are taken to the page where you can order your items.

The format is the same as any other online ordering site. There are menus on the side that divide everything into categories (i.e. dairy, meat, produce, etc.). You can also do a search to find a specific item. Once you find what you are looking for, you click add to cart and choose the quantity of the item.


2016-08-29 (1)
Have I mentioned how much I love online shopping.

You just keep adding all of your items in your cart and when you are ready, you hit check out.

I will say that we did experience some hiccups when it came to the website. There were issues loading and added some extra time to the online shopping experience.

When Kevin had talked to the guy that was our personal shopper, he said that a lot of people were complaining about that and they are working on making it run smoother.

When you are doing your shopping you have to pick a time for when you want your order ready. You have to pick a time that is the next day. So if you want to pick up your groceries on Sunday, then you need to place your order on Saturday.

When you place your order your receive an email with your confirmation and it says that someone will call you 15 minutes prior to your delivery time, which gives you an hour window. Then you are supposed to call this number back 10 minutes before you arrive to pick up your order.

We didn’t receive a phone call, but that wasn’t a big deal.

When we arrived at Walmart, we followed the signs indicating where the pickup spots were. Once we pulled in we saw a sign with the phone number, called and let the store know that we were here. The person on the other end said they would double check our order, to make sure nothing was forgotten, and would be right out.


Finding the pickup location was super easy.
It only took about 10 minutes and then our personal shopper was coming out of the back of the store with a flatbed cart full of blue plastic boxes that had our groceries.

He then let us know that he had to make a few substitutions because they didn’t have the exact product. It ended up working in our favor because the substitutions were for bigger or better products that we were never charged more money for.

He then asked us to sign saying that we received our items and put everything in the trunk of our car. He wouldn’t let us help. He also said that if we let them know next time, they will bring out a lollypop for our little girl.

We also received this really sweet bag of swag for being a first time customer.


This was a really nice touch to give this to all new first time customers.
Each of the bins at the store had a label on it like this one that is on the end of our toilet paper.


They really had a system in place for making sure all the orders will filled properly.
I was happily surprised that all of our cold items were still cold and our frozen items will still frozen.

This experience that I had with this new test program at Walmart was amazing. We would spend our Saturdays traveling over an hour to get to Trader Joe’s, but now I am very happy to say that we will be shopping at Walmart instead and using the online shopping option.

Since I really like this program, I wanted to share an offer with you. If you click this link you can save $10 on your first order (and additionally get me $10 off my next order).

I highly recommend this program because it has made grocery shopping so much easier.

Would you take advantage of this program? Leave your comments below.









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