Attraction Spotlight: Mine Train-All Hype?

When attractions first open at Walt Disney World it takes a while before the wait times seem to die down. (With some of the more popular rides the lines can still be long years later.)

Now in its toddler stage, The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train located in the new area of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, still proves to be very popular and has wait times of up to about 100 minutes some days.

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The ride is a coaster in the same vein as Big Thunder Mountain just a land away in Frontierland. It has a height requirement of 38 inches.

You board a train car that is situated on a pivot that causes the car to swing back and forth while it goes around sharp turns.

There aren’t any harnesses or a belt but a narrow lap bar that you pull down. (While many of the attractions at Walt Disney World are built to accommodate the flufflier crowd, these lap bars can be uncomfortable for people who might require some extra space.)

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The theming in the queue is amazing. It is interactive and you feel like you are heading to the jewel mines with your fellow dwarfs. There are some really cute interactive games that help you pass the time. (There are also fans scattered through out the line that help move the air around while you wait.)

While the concept is cute and the queue is fun, in my opinion I really don’t think the ride is worth the hype.

To be fair I have only been on the ride once, just the hubby and me, and I would not invest a long time waiting in line again.

The first problem for me is because the ride is incredibly short. The ride is only three minutes long. If you figure you wait in line for 100 minutes the payoff isn’t the great.

The second issue I have is that the animatronics and the “scenes” are only for one brief section. It is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I was expecting more. Before I knew it, it was over.

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If you can score a Fastpass+ for the attraction and you have never experienced it, then give it a shot and form your own opinion.

When we go to “the world” in October, I currently don’t have this on our Touring Plan to do. I just feel that for us, and the age of our Mousekatot, we would be better served enjoying other attractions instead.

For a complete listing of all the attractions all over Walt Disney World, pick up your copy of Mousekatots.


Have you been on the mine train at the Magic Kingdom? What are your thoughts? Leave them below.

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