This is How You Can Make Painting Even Messier

If you saw my earlier post we do a lot of crafts here in the house.

Pinterest has plenty of suggestions on how to make some really cute crafts that are perfect for rainy days and when it is too hot outside.

A couple of different posts that I found talked about salt painting. Basically you draw something in white glue, and then sprinkle salt on top, let it dry and then paint the salt with watercolors.


It was really a simple craft, however it was super messy.

The biggest suggestion I have is that you put a piece of paper towel down, then your construction paper on a cookie sheet with sides. It will make it a lot easier to dump the excess salt later.

I decided to draw fireworks with the glue because I thought it would nice for the different colors.

After drawing the firework design, Lily helped me by sprinkling (aka dumping) the salt over the glue.

Because I wanted to speed things up I used a hairdryer to help dry the glue and salt mixture. I then shook off the excess glue and dumped the salt.

You then paint the salt/glue with watercolors and voila, you have a fun craft project.

I also used the hair dryer again after we were finished to sop up the extra water created from continuous brush dunking into the water cup.

This was a big hit with Lily. She loved it and was excited to show everyone her fireworks when they come into the house.

Now is a great time to stock up on craft supplies because of back to school time.

What are your favorite crafts for this time of year? Leave your comments below.


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