The Peacemaker

All parents have experienced the dreaded firing squad of questions. I think in the span of about three minutes I have answered the gamut of questions from why did I decide to wear my purple shirt to why does the sun have to go away at the end of the day?

Sometimes when this happens, and I am really desperate, I reach for a distraction.

One of the best things I have found that is a fan for Lily and a fan for us parents are Disney’s Tsum Tsums.

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Tsum Tsums resemble little, squishy sushi rolls that resemble favorite Disney characters,

There are two varieties of Tsum Tsum, fabric and vinyl.

Soft sided ones come in a variety of sizes. From ones that fit into the palm of your hand to ones the size of pillows.

The vinyls can come in a clear pack or individual blind bags, where you purchase a bag sight unseen and it is a surprise what you will end up with. While the surprise aspect makes it exciting, it can also make your tot very upset if they get something that they already have. In our family, when we get a dup we say it is their twin!

The little Tsum Tsums are great to play with in sandboxes, water or the cloud dough that I talked about in yesterday’s blog.

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But, please be careful. These are not recommended for children under 3 because there are small parts.

But, if you think Tsum Tsums are just for the little Mousekatots, you are wrong.

There is an addictive game available in the iPhone and Android stores. It is free and you can spend a long time trying to connect a string of Tsum Tsums in order to make them disappear and earn points. (I may also have a Dumbo Tsum Tsum mug.)



Yes the Tsum Tsums are adorable, but more importantly they are inexpensive and serve as a great distraction when things go south. I will sometimes pick up a bag at the store and hold on to it. If Lily is caught being really good, or it is just one of those days where hiding in the bathroom for five minutes seems like a vacation, these little guys can be a huge peacemaker.

You can find them at Walmart, Target and Toys R Us. There are probably other places that sell them as well, but this is where I have purchased our collection from.

What are some tips that you have for dealing with a challenging toddler day? Leave your comments below.

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