Making Healthy Choices Easier

Walt Disney World has started displaying the calorie information of foods at some quick service restaurants on property.

So far it has only been the Backlot Express and Columbia Harbor House that has been displaying the information according to

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The information is within parenthesis at the end of the menu listing.

It is unclear if this will be rolled out to be on all the quick service properties or not.

If you want information about ingredients for dietary restrictions or allergies, or want to know the nutrition information, you can ask a cast member and they have all the information in a binder at the location.

What are your thoughts about this new addition? Will you use it to help you eat healthier while you are on vacation? Leave your comments below.

One thought on “Making Healthy Choices Easier

  1. Happy to see the Columbia Harbor House has added steamed broccoli as a side. I wish restaurants would do SOME other veggie besides broccoli, but it’s a start! Hope this change sticks throughout the park.


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