Tot Five: (Mom & Dad Edition) Food and Wine Fest

While Walt Disney World caters a lot to children and families, it also doesn’t forget about the adults.

One such example of this is the annual Food and Wine Festival that is offered at EPCOT in the fall each year.

This year the festival will run longer than it has ever before starting Sept. 14 through Nov. 14.

If parents have the opportunity to sneak away for a few moments to check out the festival, or if adults are able to travel without children, here are our tot five (mom & dad edition) tips for the Food and Wine Festival.

1. Food and Wine Festival Gift Card

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

There is no denying the fact that enjoying the Food and Wine Festival could cost a pretty penny. Instead of opening your wallet each time to take out money or a credit card, you can purchase a Disney gift card that comes with a stretchable bracelet. This way you can keep it on your wrist while the cast member scans it and not risk spilling your wine. Also, this will keep you on a budget because once the card runs out you might not be as tempted to keep shelling out cash.

2. Watch a Demonstration

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World


Each year in addition to the various food booths and special merchandise, the festival also offers various cooking demonstrations often featuring celebrity chefs like Graham Elliot and Robert Irvine.

While there are some demonstrations that are free, there are some that require an additional fee. (Usually the ones with the celebrity chefs are an additional fee.)

For a complete schedule of the various demonstrations that will be offered at this year’s festival, click the link below.


3. Food and Wine Festival Cookbook

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

Each year the Food and Wine Festival complies their favorite recipes into a cookbook that is available throughout EPCOT.

Each year that we have gone to the festival, we have purchased the cookbook. It has become our favorite souviner to pick up.

4. Drink Around the World

Photo courtesy of CrystalsCreativeShop

If you can hold your liquor you can opt to drink around the world, and wear this shirt while doing so to keep track of your countries.

The most important thing to remember is to not get overly drunk. You could hurt yourself or end up like the idiot that tried the climb the pyramid at Mexico.

Also, please plan to utilize Disney’s transportation system. Don’t drive. You might think you are ok, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

5. RunDisney Wine and Dine

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

For those of you who are runners, RunDisney offers many different races throughout the year. Luckily, the organization has organized a few races during the weekend of Nov. 5 and 6.

Traditionally the race was a half marathon that was held at night. However, for 2016 the race has been moved to take place early in the morning like all of the other RunDisney races.

In addition to the half marathon, there will be  new 10K and 5K race. If runners compete all three events they can sign up for Lumiere’s Challenge to receive an additional medal.

Which of these tips are you most excited about? Leave your comments below.


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