Dory’s Fish Food

I don’t know about you, but Dory and crew from “Finding Dory” are a big hit in our house since we saw the movie at the drive-in this summer.

When I was on Pinterest, pinning things that I am sure I will never make, I came across this really cute recipe from Raising Little Superheroes.

It combines non-buttered popcorn, Funfetti cake mix, white chocolate, sprinkles and the “Finding Dory” goldfish crackers.

It is really simple to make and even the kiddos can get in the fun by helping to mix it all together.

You start the recipe by making the popcorn while melting the white chocolate. Then you mix the popcorn, white chocolate, cake mix, sprinkles and goldfish crackers together, spread it out on a cookie sheet and let it dry for about 30 minutes, then you break it into pieces and enjoy.

Just a word of caution for little ones, check the popcorn for lose popcorn kernels so they don’t choke.

It turned out really good and was tasty and a fun recipe for families to make together.

For the full recipe and instructions, please click here.

Our finished product before we broke it apart.



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