Tot Five: Best Disney planning apps

Planning for Walt Disney World can be difficult. You might not know where to begin. These are my Tot Five planning apps.

1. My Disney Experience App

My Disney Experience

This is the official planning app from Walt Disney World and the place to make your FastPass+ reservations, dining reservations and to see the wait times in the park.

This is a must have app to also have with you when you are in the parks. After you use your first round of FastPass+ you can use this app to make additional reservations.

2. Apple Podcast App

Podcast App

There are so many different Podcasts inside of the Apple Podcast app and iTunes that cover a variety of topics dealing with Walt Disney World. Do you want to know how to eat Vegan while at WDW, there is a podcast for that. Do you want to hear the latest on Disney rumors and news, there is a podcast for that.

Take sometime to listen to a few podcasts while you are in the car, at work or working around the house. It really puts you in the mood for your upcoming vacation.

3. Touring Plans with the Lines App

Touring Plans app

There is a minimal cost to subscribe to Touring Plans, a website that really is a major component to helping make the most of your Walt Disney World vacation, it is really worth it.

My favorite part of the app is that it shows you what the expected crowd level is going to be in each of the individual parks. This lets you plan what day to visit each of the parks.

The app also lets you know what the wait time for attractions are as well.

4. Days to Go

Days to Go

This app really serves no purpose except to countdown how many days you have left until your next vacation.

You can set it to remind you how many days you have left. I like to set it to go off on a Friday while I am at work.

It is really fun and makes you even more excited for your trip.

5. Heads Up (Game)

Heads Up

This game would be such a wonderful way to kill time while you are waiting in a long line at Walt Disney World.

The game is almost like $10,000 Pyramid where one person holds up the phone above their head and the other player has to give them clues to guess the word on the phone before the timer runs out.

There are additional decks that you can buy for a fee. The Disney deck must also be purchased for another fee.


Which of these apps are you most interested in? Leave your comments below.

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