Snack Stop Spolight: Sleepy Hollow

Snack Stop Spotlight: Sleepy Hollow

sleepy hollow
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Nestled in the Liberty Square area of the Magic Kingdom is Sleepy Hollow, a quick service restaurant that either offers a light bite or a heavy snack.

They are pretty big and two kids can share them and even a not-so-hungry adult and a child can also share.

Sleepy Hollow offers something for those who are mostly craving something sweet. There was a time when Sleepy Hollow offered a chicken and waffle dish, however it seems like that item has been eliminated.

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The waffle and funnel cake option includes fresh fruit waffle sandwich with chocolate hazelnut spread, waffle with powdered sugar, funnel cake dusted with powdered sugar, funnel cake topped with strawberries and whipped cream, waffle with cinnamon, waffle with strawberries and cream and funnel cake dusted with cinnamon.

There is also a couple of desserts available including an ice cream cookie sandwich and a chocolate chunk cookie.

Sleepy Hollow offers a variety of beverages such as iced coffees, water and soft drinks.

I do have to say I am a little bummed that they have removed the chicken and waffles option and also a ham and cheese one they used to have. It made this quick service restaurant more interesting than your run of the mill funnel cake stand.

However, if you are looking for a hardy snack and are a fan of these types of tasty treats, then Sleepy Hollow might be the perfect fit for you.

Are you interested in trying out the offerings at Sleepy Hollow? Leave your comments below.

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