Calling All Daniel Tiger Fans

Living near the city of Pittsburgh has so many advantages.

The city is like something that you will not find elsewhere.

Well, with a view like this, how could you not fall in love?

Our view from our cousin’s wedding at the Le Mont at Mount Washington.


Another one of Pittsburgh’s greatest treasures was the man Fred Rogers, also known as Mister Rogers who many of us would visit in his neighborhood each week.

At Idlewild, that I mentioned in a previous post, guests can enjoy a ride on Trolley into the Neighborhood of Make-believe.

Starting this June The Pittsburgh Children’s Museum unveiled a new exhibit centered around Daniel Tiger and his neighborhood and neighbors.

Lily outside of the Tiger Family’s beach house.

After watching Daniel Tiger myself I have to say they did a really good job recreating the neighborhood and offered the kids a lot of different ways to interact in the neighborhood.

You can visit The Clock Factory and work at Dad Tiger’s workbench and learn how the clock works. Pay a visit to Music Man Stan’s and play various musical instruments. There is also a thank you tree that you can write on a leaf what you are thankful for and tie it to the tree. And have some quiet time at the schoolhouse to read some of your Mousekatot’s favorite Daniel Tiger books. There is also the opportunity to dress up as neighborhood helpers and put on some special cars to zip around the neighborhood.

Lily’s favorite activity was to take the wooden envelopes out of the mailbox, but them in her mail cart and then deposit them back into the mailbox. We spent a long time doing this.

However, the absolute highlight for Lily was getting to meet Daniel Tiger in person.

When we bought our ticket we were asked if we wanted a ticket to meet Daniel Tiger. We said yes and were given a green ticket that said our time to meet with him was between 11 a.m. and 11:25 a.m. (Almost like a FastPass!) This was nice having a scheduled time because it meant we didn’t have to wait in a super long line.

Lily really enjoyed this part and was so excited to give him a big hug and a high five. We even got her to cheese it up for the camera with Daniel.

The exhibit will be at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum until January 2017 so you have plenty of time to visit Daniel and his gang. If you have a toddler who is crazy for Daniel I can’t recommend enough about visiting the museum. Plus, there are tons of fun and interactive exhibits in the rest of the museum that you would want to check out,

Is your Mousekatot a Daniel Tiger fan? Leave your comments below.

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