Attraction Spotlight: Dumbo

One of the most iconic attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort, especially for Mousekatots, is Dumbo  the Flying Elephant located in Fantasyland in The Magic Kingdom.

Before the attraction was situated in the newer section of Fantasyland, at the back of the park where Mickey’s Toontown was previously located, it was in a different section of Fantasy and only featured one central hub where the Dumbo elephants flew around.

With the new expansion of Fantasyland, the attraction was also able to grow in size and expand into one of the best themed attractions in all of Walt Disney World featuring the best waiting areas anywhere.

One of the areas that Disney knew they had to expand was to create a second attraction to help cut down on the long wait times. The second hub has enabled the amount of riders to double and has cut down on a lot of the long wait lines.

Photo courtesy of WDW Shutterbug

Another aspect that is so unique and will be a big hit with a lot of parents is the waiting system.

When you get into line at the attraction a cast member will hand you a pager. Once it is your turn to get onto the ride you will be paged. Until then, your Mousekatot is able to run around inside and play on a circus themed playground complete with cargo nets, lots of places for parents to sit, other climbing structures and more.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort



But the biggest and best part of Dumbo the Flying Elephant is how much your Mousekatot will love the attraction. From soaring high in one of Walt Disney’s most beloved characters to having the ability to participate in the attraction with your child. This is the perfect fit for your family.

Mousekatip: Experience the attraction at night. Not only will the wait times be reduced, but the lights and the fountain around the structure are absolutely beautiful. Don’t forget your camera!

Do you and your family ride Dumbo when you visit? Leave your comments below.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort

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