New attraction coming to WDW?


Plans for the new waterslide (Courtesy of Inside the Magic)



In a little more than a rumor, the Orlando Business Journal, and other Disney bloggers, are reporting that one of two Walt Disney World Resort’s water parks is going to be expanded and receive a new water slide.

Typhon Lagoon will see an expansion of its guest areas and a new slide added to the popular water theme park.

In the Orlando Business Journal report, “The theme park giant’s plans include the ‘construction of new guest areas, including a water feature. Sidewalks and landscaped areas will be provided for guest access,’ according to state records. ‘The project under consideration is a new family raft ride that is to be located west of the Crush N Gusher ride,’ said an engineering document included with the plans.

Other details indicate the water ride would include an ‘elevated flume/track’ and be supported by columns. Georgraphically, the new addition would be located at the northern-most portion of the park, which is currently just backstage operations space.”

While there is no date attached to the plans people are estimating that the additions and renovations should be complete around Summer 2017.

Are you excited about the new slide? Will you and your family be taking a trip down the slide when it opens? Leave your comments below.

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