Attraction Spotlight: The Three Caballeros

When it comes to the World Showcase at Epcot in Walt Disney World, many parents might be scratching their head wondering what their Mousekatot might find interesting.

Sure, there are a lot of unique restaurants and a ton of different types of shopping experiences, but what would your tot find interesting?

With a limited amount of actual “rides” the best place to take a Mousekatot would be into the Mexican pavilion that is designed to look like an ancient step pyramid.

Inside, the pavilion looks like a plaza complete with a fountain, vendor carts and even a restaurant that serves delicious Mexican food.

Photo courtesy of
But, the real attraction for your Mousekatots would be the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros.

This attraction features a boat ride that asks guests to find out what happened to Donald Duck because he is needed to perform in a concert featuring The Three Cablleros along with Panchito Pistole and Jose Carioca.

The attraction takes guests on a journey to look at the various highlights of Mexico including the various beaches, markets and more. The screens that are featured through out the ride show the sights and sounds of Mexico with the Three Cablleros darting in and out of the film.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort
The end of the attraction features an almost replication, in a smaller version, of it’s a Small World, this time spotlighting Mexico.

Your Mousekatot will really enjoy the ride because it is full of music, colorful images and of course you can’t go wrong with Donald Duck.

After the ride your tot will enjoy looking at the different market carts, and if you are lucky you might have the opportunity to meet and have your picture taken with Donald dressed in an outfit representing Mexico.

This attraction is great because it can provide a respite from the heat or a storm and is situated at one end of World Showcase, so it makes a good starting point or ending point for your time in this section of Epcot.

What is your favorite part of the Mexican pavilion? Leave your comments below.

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