Tot Five: Must Haves for a Day at the Park

Once you arrive in Walt Disney World you might think that all of your planning is done. You have decided what park you want to visit each day, you have your Fastpasses and ADRs made, what else could there be?

The secret to having a wonderful day at the parks with your Mousekatot is the same as the motto for the Boy Scouts, “Always be prepared.”

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With just a little prior planning you can make your day run smoother for your entire family. Here are my Tot Five must haves for a successful day at the parks.


1. Misting Fan

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If you are visiting Walt Disney World during the summer this misting fan is an absolute must for keeping your Mousekatot cool and less crabby.

The fan operates on batteries and draws water up from the reservoir and then sprays out through the nozzle as the fan turns and distributes the spray.

A lot of the misting fans come with a strap that can be worn around the neck.

This particular bottle is available from and retails for $17.84. If you look around you can usually find ones for under $10.

2. Travel First Aid Kit

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You can purchase a very generic one, like this one from that retails for $7.50, and add additional materials to it like blister bandages in case shoes are rubbing, anti-itch cream for mosquito bites and hand sanitizer.

Also, if you do purchase a kit like this make sure to leave the scissors out of your carry on if you are flying.

3. Stroller Shield

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It’s Florida and rain is going to happen. Most days it is a quick cloudburst and then you are back to sunny skies. Unfortunately, this cloudburst can happen when you are inside of an attraction and when you come out you are greeted with a soaking wet stroller.

You can prevent this from happening if your purchase a weather shield for your stroller. This one pictured is for a jogging stroller that is available from for $9.34, but there are varying sizes and price points available.

If you don’t want to spend the money, you can also use an extra poncho to cover up the stroller while you are in an attraction.

4. Bug repellent

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If you turn on the news or read the newspaper everyone is concerned over the Zika virus that is carried by mosquitos and can harm to unborn children.


Unfortunately, Florida is a breeding ground for these pests.

Instead of spraying your child with bug spray throughout the day, you put one of these bracelets on that contains a DEET free cartridge and they are good to for up to 30 days. (Added bonus these cuties will look great next to their magicbands.)

While this is a little more costly than the spray, $11.97 from, in my opinion it is worth it.

Moms out there might also want to purchase one for themselves.

5. Baby Wipes

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For parents whose Mousekatots are still in diapers bringing baby wipes is a no-brainer. However, even if your child is potty trained you still need these wipes for cleaning and sanitizing tables at a quick service restaurant, to wipe off hands before eating (or if you have thumb sucker), cleaning up hands and mouths after eating and even helping to clean up during a particularly hot day.

There are a lot of wipe brands to choose from. The favorites in our house are by Huggies and are available in this cute little clutch at for $4.99.

What is the thing that you must have when you are visiting the parks? Leave your comment below.

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