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Each night before we tuck our little Mousekatot in bed we read a picture book and then tuck her in bed and read a chapter from a longer book while the lights are out. (Kindles are great for this.)

Disney has its own imprint for books with the publishing house that also works with Hyperion.

Here are a few of our favorite books from this publishing company. Most of these can be found online or at your local library.

The Kingdom Keepers series

Photo courtesy of Disney Publishing Worldwide

This is one of our favorite series to read. The book follows a group of kids that were hired by Walt Disney World to become interactive, hologram tour guides for the Magic Kingdom. However, when the kids start crossing over to the Magic Kingdom at night while they are sleeping they start to become threated by the evil queen, Malificent.

The series features seven books and two spin off series.

These are books that are chapter books and would be good for middle-school students to read on their own. However, Lily really liked listening to a few chapters at night.

Five Minute Story Books

Photos courtesy of Disney Publishing Worldwide

These 5 minute story books are a big hit with Lily. She has a few favorite stories from the books.

When we went on a Halloween cruise with Disney Cruise line a few years ago, we brought the “5 Minute Spooky Stories” book with us and asked the characters to sign it when we met them. Even though the book is a little heavy, it makes a great place to have the characters’ autographs that can be passed down to generations.

“Cupcake” by Charise Mericle Harper

Photo courtesy of Amazon


Yesterday, we checked this book out of our local library and read it to Lily that night. I have never heard her laugh so hard at a book!

The story is about a vanilla cupcake and a birthday candle that don’t feel like they are special enough. However, they learn an important message at the end … well, sort of.

The bright colors and short story make it a hit with Mousekatots!

“Dinosaur vs. The Potty” by Bob Shea

Photo courtesy of Disney Publishing

Potty training has become a huge challenge in our house. Even though we are taking a short break from this task, to save our sanity, we still enjoy reading the book.

It is a nice sturdy board book that would be great to read while your little one is using the potty.

It provides a little bit of laughter to an otherwise difficult task.

No matter what books you choose to read to your little Mousekatot, the important thing is that you are reading to your child.

The greatest gift you can give to them in a wonderful imagination!

What is your favorite book to read with your little tot? Leave your comments below.

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