Rumor: Pizza Rizzo


Currently a rumor is floating around the Disney blogging community that The Muppets will now have an even bigger presence in Hollywood Studios.

The rumor is that the former Pizza Planet, that was closed early this year, will be reopened and renamed “Pizza Rizzo” after the street-smart rat from The Muppets.

Blogs are reporting that it will open toward the end of 2016 and will remain a counter service restaurant that specializes in in pizza just like the former inhabitant did.

This theme makes sense considering the restaurant will be located in the also rumored “Muppets Courtyard” area of Hollywood Studios. If you remember, Rizzo and his rodent pals worked at a restaurant in the old school “Muppets Take Manhattan.”

I guess, we will just have to wait to get the official word from “The Big Cheese” before we start ordering our pizza.

Would you be interested in paying a visit to Rizzo and his pals for a slice? Leave your answers in the comments below.

Photo courtesy of Café Mom

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