DINOSAUR to be out of commission (temporarily)

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort
The Walt Disney Resort announced recently that one of their E-ticket attractions, DINOSAUR, will be refurbished for a lengthy period of time this summer.


Starting July 25 until Sept. 29, the attraction will be closed for refurbishment. No word has been released about what all will be done during its closure.

The attraction takes people on a mission back in time to a prehistoric period when these ancient goliaths roamed in order to rescue a dinosaur before the impending destruction of Earth happens.

While the ride is a technological marvel due to the way the vehicles starts and stops and offers intrepid explorers a  simulated bumpy ride, this attraction is not recommended for Mousekatots.

In addition to the height requirement of 40 inches, the dinosaurs that are featured in the ride are more T-Rex from Jurassic Park rather than Barney the Purple Dinosaur thus creating a very scary place to be. Plus the added peril element of getting out before being destroyed by a meteor and one disturbing scene of a dinosaur becoming someone’s lunch, can all make this situation too intense for even some adults.

But, if your kiddos have their mind set on spending time with these extinct, exotic creatures, then head over to the neighboring Boneyard and let them dig around in the playground and excavate dino bones while you relax in the shade.

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